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23 Aug

For an Indian tourist on WoW, how cheap is the cheapest flight to US?

arlier this week, Iceland-based entrepreneur Skuli Mogensen announced that his baby, WoW Air, is all set to enter India. The airline left Indians in the air with a never-heard-of price for North American cities: Rs 13,499 one way. We Indians, with our love for everything discounted, saw our eyes widening at the ticket price.

Mogensen, who founded WoW in 2012, is now neck-to-neck with Iceland’s legacy carrier Icelandair. He claims that he will overtake his formidable competitor in market share by next year. With its foray into the Indian market now, that doesn’t really seem improbable for the air carrier.

For broke Indians waiting for that big trip to the US, air travel never looked more exciting. The word ‘cheap’ has worked its wonders yet again, and WoW is all over social-media trends and drawing room discussions. Every pair of eyes is set on December 2018.

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