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The tourism industry is one of the most refreshing and providing industrial sectors in the domain. People from every tire of the society goes on travelling every once in a while for relaxation. The holiday seasons are bustling times for the tourism industry and nowadays in India the whole year is a festive time. The tours & travels are making immaculate plans to fit into schedule the preferential locations of the customers according to their timings. But this is only a part of tourism plans. Still, there are many packaged travel programs which are made to give people a taste of different wandering flavors of India.

The fixed departure tours are guided complete travel packages planned for embarking on predetermined dates conducted by the agencies to cater the needs of all kinds of customers and with appreciable undertakings. The dates of these fixed departure tours are scheduled during numerous holiday seasons in India. From October to January and from April to June, months are the busiest seasons for tourism. These fixed departure tours mainly comprise of long days of travel guide with enigmatic and acknowledged travel guides. The perks of these tours are that the rains, buses and flights remain pre-booked with cut prices. The hotels provided are generally very well groomed with delectable full day meals and other facilities. Transference from one spot to another during the tours is very smooth and tourists need not to worry about any permits and all. Kashmir Tour, Gujarat Tour, Temples of India Tour, island tour, Himalayan Tours and so on, are some of the popular fixed departure tours.